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1. Agreement

Sendle also has the right to do anything deemed appropriate in its sole discretion, if we think a parcel contains goods that are listed in 4.2 above, or contains goods that have not been properly described, declared or that may become dangerous. This includes the right to destroy or dispose of the goods or contact any relevant authorities to do so. In this case, Sendle has the right to charge the sender of the goods for any disposal costs. Velocity members will earn 5 points for every domestic parcel and 10 points for every international parcel once the members’ ‘Standard’ (Easy) or ‘Premium’ Sendle account has been linked to their current Velocity account. Velocity Points will be earned on the dollar value of orders paid for and picked up (‘purchase’). It is the responsibility of Velocity members to link their Sendle account to their Velocity account by adding their Velocity Membership number and name to their Sendle account. Velocity Points will not be earned when an incorrect Velocity membership number or name is associated with an account. Purchases completed prior to successfully linking your Sendle account to your Velocity account will not earn Velocity Points. To be eligible to earn Velocity Points, the Velocity member must be the person who makes the purchase. No Velocity Points will be earned when a purchase is subsequently refunded. Only Sendle ‘Premium’ and ‘Standard’ (Easy) account members are eligible to earn Velocity Points. Sendle ‘Pro’ account holders are not are eligible to earn Velocity Points for any purchases unless otherwise stated in a special promotion. Any applicable Velocity Points will be awarded 14 days after the completion of the purchase. All purchases are governed by Sendle’s Terms and Conditions and Sendle’s Privacy Policy. To earn and redeem Velocity Points you must be a Velocity member. Velocity membership and Points earn and redemption are subject to the Member Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time. Please see the Velocity Privacy Policy for details on how Velocity will handle your personal information.