Cloud Nine Micro Iron

Cloud Nine


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Precision is what it’s all about with CLOUD NINE The Micro Iron. This little beauty – emphasis on little – has all the same technology that makes CLOUD NINE straighteners so good, but it’s tiny. For those of us with short, fine hair, who can’t use classic hair straighteners without burning our fingers, it’s a must. You’ll be able to get right in there without feeling like you need to wear heat-proof gloves. That same small size makes it a winner for travel, too. Highly practical, highly recommended.

What does it do?

Hair straightener with slim plates

Ideal for short, fine hair

Great for travel

Heats to 150 degrees Celsius

Black ceramic plates sized 60mm x 15mm

Swivel chord

Protective heat guard for storage

Hibernation mode when not used for 30 minutes

3 year manufacturer’s warranty when registered

Who is it for?

If you’ve got short, fine hair and want precise styling, this is the option for you. Longer, thicker hair will want to go for CLOUD NINE The Original Iron, or CLOUD NINE The Wide Iron.

You’ll be wanting to start with clean, dry hair and a heat protectant and section your hair out if it’s long enough. From there, straighten, wave or curl to your heart’s content. Finish with some hair spray and a wink. You look great, seriously.