When you book with one of our stylists, we will make every effort for that stylist to work with you for your entire appointment. However, appointments can sometimes run late and our other stylists may need to step in and assist — we appreciate your patience and understanding when this happens.

For new clients, we require a deposit of $200 for all colour appointments and $100 for all haircut appointments. Clients must fill out and sign an emailed lbh client form prior to their appointment.

The best way to lock in an appointment with your preferred stylist is to rebook after each service. We suggest booking 8–12 weeks in advance.

From time to time, we have last minute cancellations for stylists, so feel free to give us a text if you would like to be added to our cancellation list.

As a general rule for new clients, we allow four hours for a cut and colour.

If you’re in for a colour correction, or have particularly long or thick hair (lucky you!) then we will allow a little extra time for your locks.

Please give us as much information as you can when you book so that we can make sure we have enough time for you and your locks.

We always recommend booking a consult if you’re having a colour correction, have damaged hair, or just aren’t sure which colour or style you’re hoping to achieve. All consults are complimentary, feel free to reach out to our team and we can organise an appointment. Consults will take around 15 minutes.

Yes please! We automatically send a confirmation one week prior to your appointment. Unfortunately, if we don’t receive a confirmation 24 hours prior to the appointment, the appointment will be cancelled.

We kindly ask that you let us know as early as possible if you can’t make your appointment. Cancellations/Rescheduling within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment may incur a 50% cancellation fee for all colour services and a 100% cancellation fee for all haircut services.

If you are a new client and have paid your deposit you will forfeit the full amount of the deposit if you cancel/reschedule within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment. To make a new booking you will be required to pay a new deposit.

If you are a new client and ‘No Show’ you will forfeit the full amount of your deposit and will be required to pay a new deposit.

For existing clients if you cancel/reschedule within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment a cancellation fee will be attached.

For exisiting clients if you ‘No Show’ you will have to pay the cancellation fee and will be required to pay a deposit to secure a new booking.

At lbh we have a variety of stylists to suit everyones needs. A few of our stylists are freelancers (meaning they work for themselves, and must be contacted directly). Some of our stylists specialise in colour, whilst others in cutting/styling. All of our stylists are highly trained professionals that meet our lbh standards so we feel comfortable booking you in with any one of them. We do however have stylists that are more suited to your individual styles so please don’t hesitate for advice from lbh.

Because we’re a collective, our team each offer something a little different — you can get to know each of us and our specialties over on our Stylists page. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the best in the business, meaning each lbh stylist is a highly qualified professional, and we’re more than comfortable booking you in with any one of them. Some stylists are more suited to particular styles, so don’t hesitate to ask us for advice.

If you head to our service you can see a full breakdown of our pricing. It depends on which stylist you book with. Currently, our haircuts cost between $100 and $175. Our colours start at around $140, with our most common colours (balayage or highlights) generally starting from $260. If you want to add additional treatments onto your colouring , like a treatment or haircut, we can discuss it during your consult. We do not give quotes unless we have had a face to face consultation.

We do not allow extras in the salon. If a child/friend must attend your appointment please ensure you let us know and be aware you are fully responsible for them for the following:

  • injury, the salon is not the place for children so please keep watch
  • behaviour, please no climbing of the furniture or touching anything they are not meant to
  • noise level, if items are brought with sound you must use your headphones
  • cleanliness, please respect we are there to do you hair not clean up after visitors
  • seating, clients who are having services done will have priority seating

We appreciate your understanding on the above. We are trying to create a relaxing atmosphere for you but as well as all our other clients.

Head to our contact page for a map and details on the designated parking areas.


We sure can! We guarantee all of our work. If you’re not happy with your colour or cut, then we have a redo policy. All you need to do is contact your stylist so we can rectify the issue. Note that we can only honour this policy if you haven’t had your colour altered by anyone other than your stylist at lbh and have contacted lbh within two weeks of your appointment. We do not offer refunds.

Colour build up is any artificial dye that has been placed on your hair. Until that hair has completely grown out, it is likely that it will remain on the hair and can affect the colour outcome.

For some clients, it can take multiple appointments to achieve complete colour removal. When cleansing colour, your hair will go through various stages of colours — you may see red, orange or yellow. Once you have your first colour correction appointment, we can usually give you a rough timeline for your colour in the future.

We will always be honest with you about how long it will take to get the results you’re after as well as our best estimate. However, everyone’s hair takes differently to colour depending on hair history, condition and type, so we can’t give you a guarantee.

We are happy to recommend a salon grade shampoo and conditioner that works for your colour, style, needs and budget. We stock a variety of great brands to suit everyone, including Christophe Robin, DNA Organics, K18, Larry King, Kevin Murphy, Iles Formula, Olaplex, Color Wow, Virtue Labs, Tangle Teezer and Ibiza Brushes.

For clients with coloured hair, we recommend using a colour-specific shampoo and conditioner to help your colour last as long as possible between salon visits. For highlighted hair, it’s important to use a shampoo and conditioner that’s specifically formulated for blonde hair. We also have deep conditioning treatments that can be used on a weekly to fortnightly basis, as well as toning treatments.

It’s always best to talk to your stylist about which brand and products will suit your hair colour and style.

We like to see you no later than 12 weeks for a cut, although depending on how damaged your hair is, you may need to come every 10 weeks. Colour maintenance can vary depending on what look you’re going for: grey coverage is generally 6–8 weeks, but most colour we do can be anywhere from 3–6 months.

To get the best results from each appointment, we recommend following the hair care routine that we design for you. If you spend time in the sun, beach, pool, or overseas, you may need to use a toner.

Yes! We use Olaplex, Colorkick and K18 to help keep your hair in great conditioning. We also stock take home products to maintain your colour and condition.

  • Olaplex No.0, No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6, No.7, and No.8
  • K18

We offer Cezanne Keratin treatments at our salon. They can help to smooth out the frizz in your hair while still keeping the natural volume, cut down your styling time and act as a strengthening treatment.

We offer Carla Lawson extensions.